Heartstone by Phillip Margolin

From his first novel, Phillilp Margolin's suspense-filled stories have been bestsellers.

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Heartstone by Phillip Margolin


  • Mass Market Paperback: 416 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.17 x 6.95 x 4.22
  • Publisher: Bantam ; (March 1995)
  • ISBN: 0553569783

    From the author of the runaway bestseller Gone, But Not Forgotten comes his Edgar-nominated first novel--a shattering story that begins with two vicious murders, and ends in a web of corruption, lies, and twisted passions. "Fascinating reading . . . I admit to being stunned and shocked at the unexpected ending."--Dorothy Uhnak, author of The Investigation.

    From the Publisher
    "I was somewhat reminded of In Cold Blood, but in some ways, I think this is a better book... It's fascinating reading -- the classic 'page-turner' -- and I admit to being stunned and shocked at the unexpected ending."
    -- Dorothy Uhnak, author of The Investigation

    Book Description
    From Phillip Margolin, New York Times bestselling author of Gone, But Not Forgotten, comes a shattering novel that begins with two vicious murders -- and ends in a web of corruption, lies, and twisted passions.

    Richie Walters, all-American boy. Elaine Murray, cheerleader. They made the perfect couple. And that evening out at Lookout Point -- Richie fumbling at the buttons of her blouse, Elaine thrilled and terrified -- they were about to take the final step.

    But the step would never be taken. Richie Walters would die that night -- die in a hot and savage ecstasy of violence. Elaine Murray too would die. But not that night. Or the next. She would live long enough to know just how lucky Richie had been...

    Reader Reviews
    3 of 3 people found the following review helpful: HEARTSTOPPING HEARTSTONE, September 25, 2002 Reviewer: Michael Butts from Martinsburg, WV USA The criminal justice system is given a once-over in this well-developed, and well-written mystery. Margolin gives us the murder of two upstanding young people on a November night in 1960. Richie Walters has just asked cheerleader Elaine Murray to go steady with him. Their love and hopes for a future together are gone before you know it. As we examine this murder in depth, we find there are many people involved, and we find ourselves wondering, who really killed this couple? And why? The immensity of characters doesn't overwhelm the book; you may stop and ask yourself, why are these characters introduced? But by the time the book is finished, you'll see why. Although the lawyers and the suspected killers are certainly strong focus in the book, I found the heart of the book to be Esther Peglosi, the rather ... teenager who becomes the key witness in the prosecution's case. We first meet Esther as a rather well-developed young woman who doesn't have trouble bedding anybody, but we are also introduced to horrifying facts about her childhood and her parents. Later on, Esther is cunningly seduced by a cop obsessed with the case into being hypnotized, and here we begin to see how the power of suggestion breaks down this girl, and how her love for this cop propels her toward inevitable disaster. Esther's character is very, very well written and she holds the book together. It's interesting, also, to see the development of young Mark Shaffer, the up and coming lawyer, who finds himself defending the accused Bobby Corbett. He starts out totally ineffectual and enamored with the defendant's live-in girlfriend, and ends up becoming savvy and accomplished. The denouement of this novel is shocking, in what happens to Bobby and Esther. Also, the deathbed confession of the titular character is a whopper. Can't forget to mention the true villain of this book and that is officer Roy Schindler, who uses his authority to basically fix the case and use poor misguided Esther. Although Al Caproni is culpable, too, he is just another victim of the political schematics. A STUNNING AND WELL WORTH IT BOOK. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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