Dark Paradise by Tami Hoag

While beginning her writing career in the romance genre, Tami Hoag's talent for building suspense has earned her numerous bestsellers and loyal fans.

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Dark Paradise by Tami Hoag


  • Paperback: 560 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.26 x 6.89 x 4.22
  • Publisher: Bantam Books; Reissue edition (April 1, 1994)
  • ISBN: 0553561618

    Book Description
    New Eden, Montana, is a piece of heaven on earth where one woman died in her own private hell. Now it's up to ex-court reporter Marilee Jennings to decipher the puzzle of her best friend's death. But someone has a stake in silencing her suspicion. Someone with secrets worth killing for--and the power to turn this beautiful haven into a...Dark Paradise.

    And as Mari digs deeper beneath New Eden's picture-perfect exterior, finding the truth is suddenly no longer a matter of justice.

    It's her only... read more

    Reader Reviews
    0 of 2 people found the following review helpful: Don't read this on a full stomach..., June 17, 2003 Reviewer: Keith Hunt from Houston, Texas United States Middle-aged woman of the world abandons her California digs and drives to Montana. She plans a surprise visit to share her remorse for life with her long-time girl friend that moved there some time ago. However, the girl with a life of never-ending trauma arrives to find her host has been murdered and the locals are strangely silent about the matter. Hoagg thinly attempts to stir up a complicated mÍlee of celebrity-studded conspiracy that involves all the Hollywood notoriety her imagination can concoct. This book was entertaining not for the storyline, but for the idea that the author has any talent. The main female character is a bundle of hormonally-imbalanced drama, alternating between total self absorption and self-imposed crisis. Like Hoag's other stories, the main drama queen fights off the advances of some big, strapping lumberjack of a guy because she immediately considers him a threat. Mighty Man seduces her and she falls hopelessly in love. Warning, dear reader: Don't read this on a full stomach. Hoag fails miserably in her attempts to write the way a man thinks, unless he too is a drama queen in lumberjack's tight-fitting jeans and work boots. If a man thought the way she writes, he would certainly carry a purse and hit on all the other lumberjacks. Additionally, this author's imagination has decided that all of Hollywood loves to hang out with each other all over the world, even while on a weekend retreat in the wilds of Montana. Would you spend a weekend with your co-workers if you didn't have to? There are much better things to read.

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