High Wire (Tom Clancy's Net Force; Young Adult, No. 14) by Tom Clancy

Author Tom Clancy was shot into the literary spotlight when his first novel was touted by US President Reagan--and his military thrillers have found a home on the bestseller lists ever since.

High Wire (Tom Clancy's Net Force; Young Adult, No. 14) by Tom Clancy is available. Click for more info or to buy it now.

High Wire (Tom Clancy's Net Force; Young Adult, No. 14) by Tom Clancy


  • Mass Market Paperback: 288 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.77 x 6.86 x 4.22
  • Publisher: Berkley Pub Group; (January 9, 2001)
  • ISBN: 0425178099

    Book Description
    The only ring Net Force Explorer Andy Moore finds in a virtual circus is a black market ring-in high-tech weapons software and hardware.

    • #14 in the thrilling young adult series

    Reader Reviews
    2 of 2 people found the following review helpful: Net Force: High Wire, August 2, 2002 Reviewer: Priscilla Stafford from Yokohama, Japan ...In the year 2025,Net Force Explorer Andy Moore is asked to help the Cservanka Brothers Circus to program virtual animals and a few other things. As he gets closer to Papa Cservanka's granddaughter, Syeira, a vivacious and strong willed teenager, Andy finds strange things happening under the big top. As he begins exploring the strange events, he finds that the cyber-circus could be under the threat of a black market ring. Can Andy figure everything out before someone gets hurt... including him? For a Young Adult book, "High Wire" is great for all teenagers. With a well-thought out plot, this story will please those looking for a good read. Mel Odom, the author, gives plenty of twists and turns, having the whole plot well balanced with mystery, excitement, love, and adventure. As for myself, since I love using the internet, find this Net Force story intriguing as the Net has no boundaries. The character of Andy Moore is a fun main character. For a teenager, he's very smart and it's interesting how he figures out problems and comes up with remarkable plans. I also would love to read more about all of his Net Force Explorer friends, especially Matt Hunter and Mark Grideley, called the Squirt. And though she is only mentioned and she doesn't come out in the story, I would love to read a story about Megan O'Malley who's supposed to be a martial artist.

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