Espionage/Spy Mysteries

Undercover agents and government conspiracies are the highlights of these thrilling reads.

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Charteris, Leslie (7)

Leslie Charteris is the creator of Simon Templar, better known as The Saint, whose stories have thrilled generations, first as magazine stories, then brought to life via radio, television and movies.

le Carré, John (9)

Author John le Carre puts his experience with the British Foreign Service to good use in his British spy novels.

Follett, Ken (28)

Ken Follett is the award-winning author of bestselling espionage thrillers, as well as many other popular books.

Gilman, Dorothy (20)

Dorothy Gilman has brought the world to her readers through her novels featuring unlikely spy Mrs. Pollifax.

Pearson, Ridley (17)

Bestselling author Ridley Pearson is best known for his well-research, suspenseful storytelling.

White, Randy Wayne (10)

Randy Wayne White has gained critical acclaim for his Florida-based crime novels featuring former government agent/triggerman Doc Ford.



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