Her Forbidden Knight by Rex Stout

Rex Stout is the author of more than 70 novels, most famous of which feature his classic detective, Nero Wolfe.

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Her Forbidden Knight by Rex Stout


Book Description
The loyal legions of Nero Wolfe fans (as well as the fans of his many erudite sidekicks and companions) will find continued enthusiasm for this exciting title in the long-running detective series. It also features a bonus story, "Out of the Line," never before published. New York's swanky Lamartine Hotel is the setting for this spunky tale of an attractive telegrapher and the precarious situation she finds herself placed at the center of by overeager suitors -- possibly corruptors. Luckily, the innocent Lila Williams, coveted by a member of an unlikely group of "knights" finds herself swept off her feet and into protection and rescue, or is that destruction?

Reader Reviews
Observe a Writer's Growth, February 17, 2003 Reviewer: Steven R. Finz from The Sea Ranch, CA USA I was amazed at how sophomoric and amateurish was this great writer's first novel. Stout was obviously a competent wordsmith, even at the beginning, but appeared hopelessly far from ever becoming an author of merit. "Her Forbidden Knight" reads like a college Creative Writing major's attempt to create a Harlequin Romance. It's worth reading, however, to illustrate the way a writer can grow. Placed alongside one of the later Nero Wolfe novels, it may serve as inspiration for an aspiring author who has not yet gotten the hang of it and fears that s/he never will.

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