Spiral: A John Francis Cuddy Mystery (John Francis Cuddy Mystery Series) by Jeremiah Healy

Jeremiah Healy is the creator of the John Francis Cuddy private-investigator series and (under the pseudonym "Terry Devane") the Mairead O'Clare legal-thriller series, both set primarily in Boston.

Spiral: A John Francis Cuddy Mystery (John Francis Cuddy Mystery Series) by Jeremiah Healy is available. Click for more info or to buy it now.

Spiral: A John Francis Cuddy Mystery (John Francis Cuddy Mystery Series) by Jeremiah Healy


  • Mass Market Paperback: 400 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.09 x 6.82 x 4.22
  • Publisher: Pocket Books; (November 28, 2000)
  • ISBN: 0671009567

    Book Description

    Still reeling from an unfathomable tragedy, Boston P.I. John Francis Cuddy agrees to help a former Vietnam-era comrade who is searching for his granddaughter's killer. The thirteen-year-old was found dead in Colonel Nicolas Helides' heavily guarded mansion on the Intracoastal Waterway. Used by her own father to revive his rock band, called Spiral, Veronica Helides had been molded into a sexually provacative rock starlet. By the time someone drowned her, murder was merely the last crime committed against her.

    Now Cuddy is picking apart a cast of players in the life of Colonel Heilides and the girl everyone called "Very." From Helides' depressive son to former groupies, from a mysterious spiritual adviser to the woman who married the colonel for his money, Cuddy is seeing the worst of human nature at a time when his own heart is broken in two. As if that were not enough, the killing of Veronica Helides may not have been the isolated act it first appeared.

    Reader Reviews
    I tried to believe it........., June 17, 2002 Reviewer: patrick ahern from Portland. Oregon I purchased this book on the basis of the reviews I had read here. This was my first Healy novel, and I had high expectations. Knowing that a good novel, or movie, has to make one suspend disbelief, I was surprised to find in the first chapter circumstances surrounding the murder of 13 year old to be a little unbelieveable. For example, the security cameras in the mansion of her grandfather being turned off during the commission of the crime because a 15 year old friend of the victim wanted to make his own video of the party, and didn't want any competition from any other videotape. Bit of a stretch, eh? Oh, and she could sing like Janis Joplin? Anyway, as we move along, several interesting characters develop, but weaving them all together requires so much imagination, and often re reading, that the plot development struggles as much as our hero. Although the perpetrator is a bit of surprise, the movement of the other characters is a bit shallow and predictable. I'd skip this one.

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