The Mike Hammer Collection Volume 2 by Lawrence Block

From hard-boiled private eye to burglar-turned-sleuth, Lawrence Block can enchant all varieties of mystery lovers.

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The Mike Hammer Collection Volume 2 by Lawrence Block


  • Paperback: 517 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.36 x 8.54 x 5.53
  • Publisher: New American Library; (September 5, 2001)
  • ISBN: 0451204255

    From Publishers Weekly
    Close on the heels of Volume 1 (Forecasts, May 14), The Mike Hammer Collection: Volume 2 collects another three Mickey Spillane novels: One Lonely Night, The Big Kill and Kiss Me, Deadly. Introduced by multiple Shamus- and Edgar-winner Lawrence Block, the collection features Spillane at his finest (i.e., most vulgar, wise-talking, cynical, noir; most B-movie-poetic, etc.). The first story begins, "Nobody ever walked across the bridge, not on a night like this." Except, of course, our friend Mr. Hammer; readers will feel compelled to follow.

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    Book Description
    "There's a kind of power about Mickey Spillane that no other writer can imitate." (The New York Times)

    Apparently. With his trend-setting Mike Hammer detective novels, Mickey Spillane shot to superstardom as one of the most notorious bestselling sensations in publishing history. This powerhouse collection includes three of the master's long-out-of-print greatest novels-together for the first time in one explosive volume:
    The Big Kill
    One Lonely Night
    Kiss Me, Deadly

    Includes a special...
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    Reader Reviews
    7 of 7 people found the following review helpful: Hitting his stride..., December 14, 2001 Reviewer: Rory Coker from Austin, TX USA In the first three Mike Hammer novels, Mickey Spillane was learning as he went. Here he's pretty much hitting his stride, in novels 4, 5 and 6. These are the quintessential Hammer outings. Spillane has borrowed two basic plot devices from earlier genres. From silent serials he has borrowed "the weenie," as Pearl White called it... a missing item that all the characters are frantically searching for, and all the bad guys think the hero knows the wereabouts of. From the DOC SAVAGE pulp novels of Lester Dent he has borrowed the idea of a master criminal who somehow finds the time, in innocuous guise, to pal around helpfully with our hero in his quest to solve the mystery. The fun of each novel is in seeing how Spillane mixes these ingredients. ONE LONELY NIGHT begins and ends on a deserted New York City bridge in a snowstorm. At the beginning, Hammer is involved in a murder and suicide. At the end, he kills the villain with his bare hands and leaves his cooling corpse to be covered in snow! In between, Hammer is mixed up with palpably evil Communist Party USA members and the agate-eyed NKVD killers who keep them in line. [The novel was written at the height of McCarthy-era paranoia.] Added to the mix are missing plans of the latest US secret weapon, and a universally loved political figure who says he's being blackmailed by his identical twin brother, an escaped lunatic! At the very end there's an amazing if implausible identity switch that is a variant of the one at the end of VENGEANCE IS MINE. In THE BIG KILL, Hammer winds up having to care for a 1-year-old orphaned boy, while trying to solve the puzzle of who killed the boy's father, and why. Not only is the DA on Hammer's case big time, but kingpins of a city-wide gambling and vice racket seem extraordinarily nervous about who has possession of some unknown documents that the DA is desperate to obtain. You'd guess the identity of Hammer's secret adversary long before Hammer does, if the inside front cover blurb didn't give it away already! Action is nicely integrated by having almost all the novel's events occur during heavy rain showers. Since Hammer is in all three novels engaged to marry his lovely assistant Velda, you'd think sex with strangers would take a back seat in these adventures, and to some extent it does, particularly in the last of the three novels, KISS ME, DEADLY, in which Hammer does little more than to gaze appreciatively at the hot babes he encounters. To make up for no sex, Spillane escalates the violence tremendously. I lost count of the number of Mafia goons that Hammer kills, usually with his bare hands, when opportunity presents. The goons return the favor by beating Hammer to a pulp at least twice, torturing one girl to death and getting a good start on doing the same to Velda! Oddly among Spillane's usually tightly constructed plots, there are some major loose ends at the end of KISS ME, DEADLY. Every one of these is a classic. Spillane's novels hurtle along at a breathless pace... and they're addictive, as you'll see if you sample this great bargain of a collection.

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