A Certain Justice [UNABRIDGED] by P.D. James

P.D. James is best known for her Chief-Inspector (later Commander) Adam Dalgliesh series.

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A Certain Justice [UNABRIDGED] by P.D. James


  • Audio Cassette: ; Dimensions (in inches): 2.73 x 6.28 x 4.23
  • Publisher: Bantam Books-Audio; Unabridged edition (December 1997)
  • ISBN: 0679460853

    Although A Certain Justice begins with news of a murder, the victim isn't set to die for another four weeks. Publicly respected but privately loathed, Venetia Aldridge has far more enemies than a brilliant London criminal lawyer should--and at least one of them is determined to do her in. Venetia plies her superior trade in courts that harbor "the illusion that the passions of men were susceptible to order and control," but her past and private life are exceedingly unruly. Her married lover is intent on giving her up; her daughter loathes her; her fellow barristers are determined that she not become the next head of chambers. Even the cleaning women seems to have something on her.

    The outline alone of this complex novel would take pages (as would the eclectic inventory of players), but P. D. James makes us admire far more than her brilliantly developed plot. James in fact creates a crowded gallery of surprisingly decent suspects, along with one suitably vile creature--who happens to be Aldridge's last client.

    A superior murder mystery, A Certain Justice is also a gripping anatomy of wild justice. James's characters can be overcome by hate, but she is equally concerned with love's manifestations--human, divine, destructive, and healing. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

    Book Description
    12 cassettes / 15 1/2 hours
    Read by Michael Jayston

    "A masterpiece . . . worth every penny." USA Today about the unabridged AudioBook, A Certain Justice.

    It begins, dramatically enough, with a trial for murder. The distinguished criminal lawyer Venetia Aldridge is defending Garry Ashe on charges of having brutally killed his aunt. For Aldridge the trial is mainly a test of her courtroom skills, one more opportunity to succeed, and she does. But now murder is in the air. The next victim will be Aldridge herself, stabbed to death at her desk in her Chambers in the Middle Temple. Enter Commander Adam Dalgliesh and his team, whose struggle to investigate and understand the shocking events cannot halt the spiral into more horrors, more murders . . .

    A Certain Justice is P.D. James at her strongest. In her first foray into the strange closed world of the Law Courts and the London legal community, she has created a fascinating tale of interwoven passion and terror. As each scene draws us forward into new complexities of plot, she proves yet again that no other writer can match her skill in combining the excitement of the classic detective story with the richness of a fine novel. In its subtle portrayal of morality and human behavior A Certain Justice will stand alongside Devices and Desires and A Taste for Death as on of P.D. James's most important, accomplished and entertaining works.

    Reader Reviews
    No There There, September 26, 2003 Reviewer: A reader from United States My first PD James, I realized with about 40 pages to go that I had seen this one on the tele, and it was just as boring there. I like character studies. This is a story of characters, with long descriptions of places and people that have little or no bearing on the story's development or understanding how the characters act. As she nears page 300, the author decides it's time to wrap up, and thus uses the gimmick of a long letter to do what she should have been doing all along -- develop the plot. I do see a searing social criticism of English lawyers running through this, but big deal: going after lawyers, especially English ones, is pretty difficult. Overall, the writing is self-indulgent, sort of talented fluff for those carried away by that sort of thing (of which these reviews reveal quite a few). There is lacking what another reviewer here aptly referred to as "soul." I would love to find a female mystery writer that stands up to the best of the male lot. Unfortunately, if A Certain Justice is typical of James, she's doesn't make the grade. --This text refers to the Mass Market Paperback edition

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