Hard Eight : A Stephanie Plum Novel by Janet Evanovich

Janet Evanovich's series featuring unlikely bounty hunter Stephanie Plum has earned her awards, a permanent spot on the bestseller lists and crazed fans from around the world.

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Hard Eight : A Stephanie Plum Novel by Janet Evanovich

Hardcover (Large Print)

In Hard Eight, Stephanie Plum picks up a case a little nastier than anything the wisecracking bounty hunter's seen before. Evelyn Soder and her young daughter have gone on the run, leaving an angry ex-husband who's planning to collect on a child custody bond that will leave Evelyn's grandmother homeless. Stephanie's first clue that there's more to it than that comes in the form of Eddie Abruzzi, a shady local businessman who warns her to butt out of the case. Stephanie doesn't scare easily, but when Abruzzi's henchmen leave a bag of snakes on her doorknob and tarantulas in her car, she has no choice but to call Ranger, the hunky man of mystery whom she already owes too many favors. Steph knows that Ranger will soon be calling in his marker, but with her ex- fiancé Joe Morelli out of the picture, that should be OK--shouldn't it? In the meantime, she's got other fugitives to catch, aided by the usual band of misfits, plus a bumbling correspondence-school lawyer who's developed the hots for Stephanie's sister, Valerie. And Steph's in for a surprise from her mother, who proves she's not above wielding a dangerous weapon to save her daughter's life.

Author Janet Evanovich has made a bold move in using a soupçon of child jeopardy to pull Hardcover edition.

Reader Reviews
Hard to Resist, September 16, 2003 Reviewer: annsherry25 from Michigan The 8th book in the Stephanie Plum series is pretty much as good as the other 7. It's another page turning, action-packed, well plotted, well written novel. Most of the usual beloved characters are here as well as a new one - attorney Kloughn (Clown) - who I'd like to see remain as a regular. Stephanie's main task in this book is to find a missing woman and her daughter, as she is stalked by a relentless mobster. The problem I have with this book is that some of the situations are not believable. The author does not give Stephanie a really good reason to keep seeking the woman after the mobster keeps trying to kill her. The reader has to ask themselves, 'Why is she continuing with this??' I think Ms. Evanovich went a little too far stretching our imaginations in this book in several situations, to the point where she brings us out of the novel back into reality, darn it. On the other hand, things heat up between Stephanie and Ranger. That, and the general good read the book provides, as all of the "Plum" books thus far, makes this a must read.

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