Evan Only Knows: A Constable Evans Mystery by Rhys Bowen

Rhys Bowen is the award-winning author of the constable Evan Evans mysteries and a historical series hightlighting the investigations of Irish imigrant Molly Murphy.

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Evan Only Knows: A Constable Evans Mystery by Rhys Bowen

Hardcover (Large Print)

Book Description
When Constable Evan Evans and his new fiancée decide to travel south from home in Llanfair, Wales, to visit his mother in Swansea, they’re not expecting the disturbing news that greets them on their arrival: the young thug convicted of murdering Evan’s father several years earlier is suspected of murder once again. Tried as a juvenile for Evan’s father’s death, Tony Mancini only served four years in prison. Now he’s been accused of killing Alison Turnbull, a local teen and the daughter of Mancini’s boss. But when Evan goes to meet the boy face to face he’s surprised to find not the stone-cold killer he expected but a scared young man who swears his innocence.

Against his own wishes, and ignoring his superiors, Evan believes the boy’s claim of innocence and decides to investigate, at potential peril to his career. But is his instinct correct, or is Mancini just trying to save himself? And how will he reconcile his actions with his memory of his father’s murder, which has haunted him for so long? Evan Evans is up to the challenge, to be sure, and faces it all with characteristic good humor and the Welsh charm that sets Rhys Bowen’s successful cozy series apart.

About the Author
Rhys Bowen won the Agatha Award for best novel of the year and the Herodotus Award for best historical mystery of the year for Murphy’s Law, her first installment in a new series featuring Molly Murphy and set in turn-of-the-century New York City. The author of six previous Constable Evans mysteries and the second Molly Murphy mystery, Death of Riley, she was born in Bath, England, and now lives in Northern California.

Reader Reviews
2 of 2 people found the following review helpful: Evan goes south, July 27, 2003 Reviewer: CATHY GOODWIN from Silver City, New Mexico United States I've enjoyed all of Rhys Bowen's books, including this one. Evan does not want to be around to enforce the Ministry's rules for handling livestock in the foot-and-mouth disease epidemic. WIth a bit of help from a superior officer, he's off the duty roster and heading for Swansea with his fiance, Bronwen. The couple visits both sets of parents, starting wtih Evan's mother, an overly concerned soul who sends her love through her cooking. Coincidentally, Tony Mancini is arrested for the murder of a young lady from Swansea. Tony already served time for shooting Evan's father, which he claimed was accidental. Evan begins to wonder if Tony really did murder Allison and, going out on a limb, begins to investigate. Evan's investigation keeps the pages turning. Bronwen gets involved because she looks young and young people will talk to her like an equal. The ending is a little disappointing, as the motive seems to echo other novels of recent years. And it's not too hard to guess the ending. As usual, Bowen serves up vivid descriptions of Wales and sets a lively pace. However, by moving the action south, we lose some local village charm. And the horror of complying with requirements to prevent the spread of foot-and-mouth disease casts a disturbing shadow on an otherwise light-hearted novel. Then again, in real life, this disease cast a shadow on this otherwise delightful world.

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