More Mystery Sub-Genres

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British Mysteries

Go over the pond to find out how the Brits solve their crimes.

Cat Mysteries

These investigations are aided by some very keen felines.

Espionage/Spy Mysteries

Undercover agents and government conspiracies are the highlights of these thrilling reads.

Forensic Science

Get inside the science behind the investigation to solve these mysteries.

Humor Mysteries

Have a little fun with these laugh-out-loud mysteries.

Noir Mysteries

Dark as night, there are no happy endings when justice arrives to these criminals.

Puzzles and Solve-its

Solving the crime is your responsibility when you become the detective.

Romance Mysteries

Love is not always born amongst roses: sometimes it blossoms around the thorns.

Mystery Games

Includes computer games, board games, jigsaw puzzles, and card games.



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