Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Book 4) by J.K. Rowling

Previously unpublished, JK Rowling has become a household name with her record-breaking hit series, featuring a wizard named Harry Potter.

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Book 4) by J.K. Rowling

Hardcover (Large Print)

Reader Reviews
0 of 1 people found the following review helpful: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, October 9, 2003 Reviewer: Stacey Williford from Conway, AR USA Stacey Williford English 11 1st Period Mrs. Fason Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire: It is an awesome chill, hair raising thriller. **** "The pictures in the book were moving." This is a highly typical quote from a Harry Potter book. J.K Rowing not only writes fantasies about flying pictures but a lot to teach and entertain. It helps in way to relate to everyday life. Rowling throws things out in Harry Potter The Goblet of Fire that most kids put up with everyday; bulling, girlfriends, and hard friendships. This book could almost be considered a mystery. "The old scare on his forehead, which was shaped like a bolt of lighting was burning beneath his fingers.." This could only mean one thing, Lord Voldemort has risen again. Harry awakes at the Dursley's house by excitement (he thinks) he' is going to the Quidditch Match with his best friend Ron, then back to school. Quidditch is called off this year back at school with a competition in mind, the Triwizarding Tournament. "Nobody under the age of seventeen will be able to cross the line." Harry Potter is only fifteen, and his name enters the Goblet. With all the publicity and the popularity, a hardship with his best friend Ron occurs. In Harry Potter four, Potter never knowing of his parents and is losing his best friend most all things people can relate too. During the majority of Harry Potter's fourth year experience he lives in a far away land of wizards. during the majority of his years. Hogwarts, a school for young aspiring wizards. The setting is so important because it also give him a place to get away to. J.K Rowling chose characterization very wisely. Ron Weasly portrays a round character when usually a flat character. He is always considered to be a best friend of Potter and now since out of the spot light he is a new person. On the other hand Hermirone Granger (Harry's best "girl" friend) shows another more outgoing side of herself. For professor Dumbledore always symbolizes a wise more grandfather figure for Harry. In this series everyones true colors shine. The plot the author tries to achieve is fantasy/realistic. Harry's name gets put in the goblet of fire. The goblet chooses the names of the champions for the Triwizard Tournament. Only three champions are chosen and some how Harry's name gets chosen. That makes four. There is a spellbound around the goblet so no one under the age of sixteen can put a name in but, once your name gets drawn no change of heart. With his worst enemy, Draco Malloy, breathing down his neck and taunting him with awful signs Potter still processed on with the tournament. Sentence fragments and short slang words make up the majority of the dialogue. "Nah... presents?" A major fraction of the people do not speak properly all the time, if even any of the time. For example, Victor Krum portrays a young teen from England. With his thick England accent it helps create a vivid picture of the character. "Vell, if you see her, tell her I haff drinks." The language and style seem very realistic. Rowling puts a lot of hard works into his novels. A lot of which shows in this one. This books is for people who love to read mysteries. Good luck figuring out how Harry's name gets in the goblet. It will completely surprise you. Read Harry Potter The Goblet of Fire by J.K Rowling and find out.

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