Whodunit - You Decide!: Mini-Mysteries For You To Solve by Hy Conrad

Hy Conrad is the best at writing short solve-it-yourself mini-mysteries.

Whodunit - You Decide!: Mini-Mysteries For You To Solve by Hy Conrad is available. Click for more info or to buy it now.

Whodunit - You Decide!: Mini-Mysteries For You To Solve by Hy Conrad


  • Paperback: 96 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.28 x 8.15 x 5.28
  • Publisher: Sterling Publishing; (December 1996)
  • ISBN: 0806961503

    Book Description
    Would you like to serve on jury and decide whether someone accused of a crime is guilty or not? Who doesn't love a twisty mystery--a locked room, a seemingly impossible crime, a pivotal piece of evidence that seems to make no sense. Here are 15 diabolically clever crimes that made the author smile and say, "You'll never untangle this one"; but you'll want to keep looking till you find the simple twist that lets you sneer and reply, "I fooled you!" These little murders and other crimes hark back to old-fashioned whodunits--you don't need special police knowledge or have to engage in chases and fights. There's not even a complicated logic involved, just good use of your imagination. 96 pages, 12 b/w illus., 5 3/8 x 8 1/4.

    Reader Reviews
    Not as good as "almost perfect crimes"..., August 19, 2003 Reviewer: Timothy Cheng from Los Angeles, California United States The problem with the trial format is that it makes the book predictable plotwise: person A is always innocent, and a person B always has some crazy plan to frame person A. However, the crimes are just as challenging as the last edition. This work is still a far cry from a half-baked whodunit, where a case is "solved" when a suspect blurts out a lie. It's got me hooked and I'm 21, which is quite an achievement. "The Haunted House murder" is the best case in this book.

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