Hardy Boys #170: Kickoff to Danger [DOWNLOAD: ADOBE READER] by Franklin Dixon

As one of the first mysteries many mystery buffs read, Hardy Boys mysteries by Franklin W. Dixon also become some of the first to be recommended to their mystery-reading children.

Hardy Boys #170: Kickoff to Danger [DOWNLOAD: ADOBE READER] by Franklin Dixon is available. Click for more info or to buy it now.

Hardy Boys #170: Kickoff to Danger [DOWNLOAD: ADOBE READER] by Franklin Dixon

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    The jocks are bruising the Hardys -- but a detective end run is about to start! At Bayport High, Frank has left the football team to focus on a computer course, and Joe is trailing behind the team's newest star, Terry Golden. College recruiters are after Terry, and all the jocks are eager to join his clique, called the Golden Boys. But getting in means hazing, and soon the pranks are spinning into the danger zone. When the Hardys' friend Biff is seriously injured, the brothers start investigating. But Terry's future is at stake, and a surprise suspect is out to clip the boys -- at any cost!

    Reader Reviews
    Hardy BOYS, November 14, 2002 Reviewer: An Amazon.com Customer This book is about the Hardy Boy and that they go to a football game and suddenly something goes wrong.The Hardy Boys have to investigate how it happen.At the end they found out what happened and the coach was impressed.(I cant tell you what happened you have to find out by reading it.) The good part was when they invesigated because they do it step by step and it was cool. The bad part was it took too long to do it and because you wanted to find out what happens. I like the book because it was kind of like a mystery and that it was not hard to read it.There is nothing that i disliked about it.This book can't just get put down you want to figure out what happens latter because it gets better.I rate this book a 5 because it was really good how they wrote it Imagine being the Hardy Boys and trying to figure out what happens that would be hard.I am 13 and that I live in pacifica.

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