False Allegations (Vintage Crime/Black Lizard) by Andrew Vachss

Andrew Vachss view of the darker aspects of life have brought his gritty crime novels onto award and bestseller lists.

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False Allegations (Vintage Crime/Black Lizard) by Andrew Vachss


Book Description
"In the first rank of American crime writers. . . . Next to Vachss, Chandler, Cain and Hammett look like choirboys."
--Cleveland Plain Dealer

Burke--ex-con, mercenary, sometime killer--makes his living preying on New York's most vicious predators and avenging their innocent victims. But in Andrew Vachss's mercilessly suspenseful new novel, Burke finds himself working the other side of the street, where guilt and innocence are as disposable as the sheets in a Times Square hotel--and as dirty.

Burke's new employer is Kite, a fanatical crusader who specializes in debunking "false allegations of child sexual abuse. Kite has a case that may be the real thing, but needs Burke to tell him if it is. And if mere money can't persuade Burke to cooperate, Kite has plenty of other incentives at his disposal--including a fanatical bodyguard with a taste for corsets and brass knuckles. A tour guide to hell written in icy prose, False Allegations is Vachss at his most unnerving.

"Burke is the toughest talking first-person narrator since Mike Hammer."
--Los Angeles Times

"Vachss . . . writes hypnotically violent prose."
--Chicago Sun-Times

Reader Reviews
3 of 4 people found the following review helpful: Very Disturbing but quite true, May 28, 2001 Reviewer: wynter2 from Dade City, Fl United States Of all the Burke novels that I have read which would be all of them, this one disturbed me the most. It struck a nerve in me and it scared me because the truth can't be denied. False Allegations is a testimony of how to keep a rape society going. If you are interested in transforming our society than this is the book to read. Burke enters the controversial ground of recovered memories but not for the reasons he thinks he is. He meets Dr. Bruce Perry who is not a fictional person. I have made use of Dr. Perry's research in my career as a teacher of children who have been abused. If you like poetic justice, this book also includes that in such a way that one can't help but cheer. This is not a novel to take lightly.

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