No fairy tales here-- only the cold, hard truth serves these down-and-dirty sleuths.

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Chandler, Raymond (55)

Raymond Chandler's Phillip Marlowe was one of the characters who set the style for today's hard-boiled detective fiction.

Crais, Robert (16)

Following up his successful career writing for television crime shows, Robert Crais created his Elvis Cole and Joe Pike series to explore themes he couldn't take on in the television realm.

Hammett, Dashiell (18)

A former Pinkerton Detective, Dashiell Hammett's gritty novels are classic hard-boiled detective stories.

Hiaasen, Carl (13)

Carl Hiaasen shows the darker side of the Florida coast with wry humor in his bestselling mysteries.

Lehane, Dennis (11)

Dennis Lehane's dark suspense novels have brought him awards and critical acclaim.

Leonard, Elmore (30)

Elmore Leonard's novels and screenplays are best known for their gritty realism.

MacDonald, John D. (25)

Author of more than 70 books during his career, John D. MacDonald is best known for his hardboiled crime series featuring Travis McGhee.

Mosley, Walter (14)

Walter Mosley is the bestselling and award-winning author best known for his Easy Rawlings series.

Pelecanos, George P. (12)

A movie producer, screenwriter and award-winning journalist, George Pelecanos also has won praise for his noir/crime novels.

Vachss, Andrew (23)

Andrew Vachss view of the darker aspects of life have brought his gritty crime novels onto award and bestseller lists.

Westlake, Donald E. (24)

Donald E. Westlake's dark characters have been likened to those from the classic noir novels.



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