Women on the Case by Sara Paretsky

Sara Paretsky's mystery series featuring VI Warshawski is a classic in the private investigator subgenre.

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Women on the Case by Sara Paretsky


  • Paperback: 464 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.10 x 6.93 x 4.16
  • Publisher: Dell; Reissue edition (June 1997)
  • ISBN: 0440223253

    There's a marvelous mixture of mystery material in this collection of short fiction by and about women--from bestseller Nevada Barr's wrenching story about a daughter's discovery in her mother's garden to impressive entries from Russia, Germany, and Algeria by writers less famous, but equally talented. This is the perfect bedside companion for readers looking for a way into the genre, or searching for new writers to expand their mystery horizons.

    Book Description
    An exciting collection of twenty-six original short stories penned by the world's most popular female crime writers, including Sara Paretsky, Amanda Cross, and Ruth Rendell.

    Edited and introduced by Sara Paretsky, one of America's favorite crime writers, WOMEN ON THE CASE features twenty-six first-time-in-print short stories by the female masters of the crime genre from all over the world. This stellar collection follows the immensely successful A Woman's Eye, also edited by Sara Paretsky. Contributing writers include:

  • Helga Anderle (Austria)
  • Frances Fyfield (England)
  • Linda Barnes
  • Antonia Fraser (England)
  • Nevada Barr
  • Susan Geason (Australia)
  • Amel Benaboura (Algeria)
  • Elizabeth George
  • Pieke Bierman (Germany)
  • Lia Matera
  • P. M. Carlson
  • Irina Muravieva (Russia)
  • Liza Cody (England)
  • Sara Paretsky
  • Amanda Cross<
  • Nancy Pickard
  • Susan Dunlap
  • Ruth Rendell (England) --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

    Reader Reviews
    20 Mediocre Tales, 6 Good Ones, June 24, 2003 Reviewer: jimnypivo from West of Chicago in the good ol' USA An avid VI Warshawsky and Sara Paretsky fan, I ran out VI novels to read ... So I grabbed this one thinking that Sara would pick some interesting or controversial subjects. Sara didn't let me down. There are six jewels in this 26 story meat pie. Unhappily the majority are made of "mystery meat". The six Jewels make me want to seek out other works by their authors. They are: Nevada Barr's *Beneath the Lilies*, an excellent piece of short fiction. Part drama and part mystery, it equals a Paretsky or a Sayers tale of the same length. Nancy Pickard's *A Rock and a Hard Place* is a shot of rye in the eye, sap to the back of the head, Phyllis Marlowe detective yarn. Sara's own *Publicity Stunts* is a good chapter in the VI Warshawsky saga. Its only flaw is that it hurtles to a conclusion in four paragraphs. I prefer a well-paced unraveling, not the abrupt crashing-of-a-meteorite-through-the-ceiling type of ending. Must have been getting close to press time. Andrea Smith's *A Lesson in Murder* is a good, by-the-books whodunit. *The Baroness* by Amanda Cross is very Dorothy Sayers-like in that we get a lesson in art forgery while trying to keep up with the detective as she solves the case. Susan Dunlap spins an entertaining story about a Private Eye of the Afterworld in *I'll Get Back to You*. Linda Grant's *Hamlet's Dilemma* ingeniously uses literature as a tool for detection. I rated this collection low because there are twenty mediocre or bad stories in the muck. Even the collected stories of Hemingway have a stinker or two among them, but over 75%? Ugh! Sara would've been better off using the six stories I mentioned, spent more time on *Publicity Stunt's* ending and chosen a few of the European tales to add flair and spice. That would have made for a more balanced collection.

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