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Thirteen at Dinner

Agatha Christie's beloved inspector Poirot races against the clock to solve a murder involving a Hollywood scarlet before another victim dies.

Four Blind Mice

Author James Patterson tells the thrilling story of a Washington, D.C., detective who takes a one-of-a-kind case he can't refuse.

Executive Orders

After the president is assassinated, Jack Ryan finds himself commander-and-chief in this extraordinary political thriller from Tom Clancy.

The Apocalypse Watch

Deep in the Austrian Alps, a special agent must assume his missing brother's identity to infiltrate a neo-Nazi organization in this suspensful thriller from Robert Ludlum.


Enigmatic author Elmore Leonard pits an unsuspecting husband and wife against two deadly killers in a dark tale of murder, extortion and survival.

Cimarron Rose

A Texas attorney must confront his own demons and defend his illegitimate son from a murder wrap in this intriguing legal thriller from James Lee Burke.



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