The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax by Dorothy Gilman

Dorothy Gilman has brought the world to her readers through her novels featuring unlikely spy Mrs. Pollifax.

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The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax by Dorothy Gilman


  • Mass Market Paperback: 192 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.52 x 6.86 x 4.18
  • Publisher: Fawcett Books; Reissue edition (January 1992)
  • ISBN: 0449208281

    From the Publisher
    My grandmother is a big fan of the MRS. POLLIFAX mysteries by Dorothy Gilman. I was at first hesitant
    to try the books, because I wasn't sure if I'd be able to relate to mysteries featuring a suburban grandmother
    working for the CIA. But because my grandmother's taste in literature has always been impeccable,
    I decided to delve into Mrs. Pollifax's adventures. I began with THE UNEXPECTED MRS. POLLIFAX, the first
    in the series, and immediately found them delightful. Mrs. Pollifax is just the kind of grandmother I'd
    love to have: resourceful, intelligent, somewhat sly, and, of course, a secret CIA operative. Her
    adventures take her to all corners of the globe: from an authentically described communist China
    (MRS. POLLIFAX ON THE CHINA STATION) to an exhilarating safari across Africa (MRS. POLLIFAX ON
    SAFARI). I've thoroughly enjoyed joining her on her adventures, and intend to read them all. I recommend them
    to everyone who's interested in learning about different countries and cultures--and, obviously, espionage!

    --Malinda Lo, Editorial Assistant

    From the Publisher
    The Mrs. Pollifax mysteries are great fun. I love to pack one in my book bag and board a plane for hours of entertainment. I hate it when they end. I recommend starting with the first in the series -- THE UNEXPECTED MRS. POLLIFAX (now a TV movie with Angela Lansbury) -- and going on from there. --Nanci Andersen, Ballantine Sales

    Book Description
    "Mrs. Pollifax is an enchantress."
    Mrs. Virgil (Emily) Pollifax of New Brunswick, New Jersey, was a widow with grown children. She was tired of attending her Garden Club meetings. She wanted to do something good for her country. So, naturally, she became a CIA agent. This time, the assignment sounds as tasty as a taco. A quick trip to Mexico City is on her agenda. Unfortunately, something goes wrong, and our dear Mrs. Pollifax finds herself embroilied in quite a hot Cold War--and her country's enemies find themsleves entangled with one unbelievably feisty lady.

    Reader Reviews
    Charming Debut of Mrs. Pollifax, July 26, 2003 Reviewer: acozylover from Macomb, MI The first book in the beloved Mrs. Pollifax series gives the background as to how this elderly, yet irrepressible grandmother joins the CIA. Bored and disillusioned with her life, she decides to volunteer to be a spy with the CIA. She dresses herself up (hat and all), shows up on the doorstep of the CIA building, and waits to meet with the director. A mix-up occurs, and she finds herself on a whirlwind adventure that sends her around the globe and tests her patience, strength, and determination. Only Mrs. Pollifax could find her way out of prison in Albania, and helping other prisoners, she proves to herself and the CIA that she is an invaluable resource. Having read the entire Mrs. Pollifax series, I was hooked by this charming debut. Mrs. Pollifax was vulnerable in the beginning (she contemplates suicide when she feels that she is not needed) but finds inner strength to overcome all of the ordeals she faces while on her mission for the CIA. The book was also an introduction to another wonderful character, Farrell, who plays a large part in this and future books in the series. If you are looking for something a bit unexpected and like adventure, try this series. Enjoy! A Cozy Mystery Lover

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