Fury by G.M. Ford

Best known for his Leo Waterman series, G.M. Ford is at his best when writing mysteries filled with wry humor and the classic "antihero."

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Fury by G.M. Ford


  • Mass Market Paperback: 384 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.03 x 6.76 x 4.24
  • Publisher: Avon; (June 2002)
  • ISBN: 0380804212

    Book Description
    Frank Corso is a pariah -- a journalist once vilified for making up "facts" on a major crime story. Yet slow, sheltered Leanne Samples trusts no one but Corso to tell the world that her courtroom testimony that put Walter Leroy "Trashman" Himes on Death Row was a lie. Convicted of the savage slaying of eight Seattle women, Himes is only six days from execution, unless Frank Corso and outcast photographer Meg Dougherty into a struggle that goes far beyond right, wrong, truth, and justice. Because the lowly and the powerful alike all want Himes dead at any cost -- despite startling new evidence that threatens to devastate a city once again.

    Reader Reviews
    Not Sure I Really Like Frank Corso, September 10, 2003 Reviewer: Craig Larson from Trinidad, CO USA G. M. Ford's _Fury_ is the first in a new series featuring disgraced journalist Frank Corso. Corso has relocated to Seattle and is writing a column for a third-rate paper, the _Sun_, following some sort of scandal at a paper in New York--there's mention of a libel suit, as well as Corso having made up a story, but the real trouble is never that clear. Regardless, Corso has fallen a few rungs on the ladder, lost his CNN reporter-girlfriend, and now is content to hide out on his boat, writing the occasional book and turning in his columns, whose syndication fees help keep the paper afloat. At the beginning of the book, Leanne Samples, a somewhat simple though good-hearted girl, comes to the _Sun's_ offices to recant her testimony in the trial of Leroy Himes, the prime suspect in a series of "Trashman" rape/murders three years previously. Leanne had thought at the time to accuse Himes of rape and save herself the embarrassment of dealing with an unwanted pregnancy and the hassle of confronting her overprotective parents. She insists on talking only to Corso, because he was one of the few people to treat her kindly during the trial. Corso himself had had his doubts about Himes' guilt and written a column to that effect, but it seems as if everyone else in Seattle is content to move forward with Himes' execution, only a few days away at this point. When he gets involved, Corso suddenly has an exclusive and people start buying the _Sun_ again. As he digs further, in the company of his partner, freelance photographer Meg Dougherty, an unfortunate woman who was tattooed all over her body by a vengeful boyfriend, Corso discovers that the police are trying to cover-up a pair of new murders that fit the MO of the previous string and which, coupled with Leanne's recantation, pretty much guarantee Himes' innocence. I enjoyed the book, though it was hard to warm up to Frank Corso. He's got a rough, hard-edged exterior, although he's always got a kind word and a ready ear for life's losers, like Leanne or Himes. He's just a bit too prickly and unfriendly to the other people in his life for him to be an attractive character. He's especially mean to Meg, which makes the scene where the two of them fall into each others' arms that much harder to believe. This was the first Ford book I've read since his debut Leo Waterman mystery _Who in Hell is Wanda Fuca?_ and Waterman makes a brief appearance in this book, tying the two series together. Ford draws a great picture of Seattle, though I'm still trying to decide if I want to spend any more time in Frank Corso's company. I guess I'd have to give this one a rather mixed recommendation.

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