Tough Cookie by Diane Mott Davidson

Diane Mott Davidson is the author of the popular mysteries starring gourmet chef Goldy Bear.

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Tough Cookie by Diane Mott Davidson


  • Mass Market Paperback: 336 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.89 x 6.94 x 4.25
  • Publisher: Bantam ; Reissue edition (April 3, 2001)
  • ISBN: 0553578308

    Book Description
    The New York Times bestselling author of Prime Cut serves up another tantalizing tale of culinary mystery and suspense-as chef turned sleuth Goldy Schulz goes on live television to prepare a meal to die for--but discovers that murder is already on the menu.

    Tough Cookie

    When Goldy Schulz is offered a temporary stint hosting a cooking show for PBS, she jumps at the chance. After all, she could use the money-not to mention the great exposure. Her catering business is in shambles, and publicizing her new venture as a personal chef will help get her back on track. Plus taping the shows at Colorado's posh Killdeer Shi Resort will be fun. A little cooking, a little chitchat. What could go wrong?

    The question Goldy should have asked is, what wouldn't go wrong-especially when she has to drive through a blizzard to do one of her shows live for PBS telethon. To make matters worse, Goldy has an unpleasant duty to perform right after the show. She and her policeman husband, Tom, have agreed to sell a piece of Tom's treasured war memorabilia to help ease their financial woes. The buyer: Doug Portman, art critic, law enforcement wannabe-and, to her eternal embarrassment, Goldy's ex-boyfriend.

    Predictably, the live broadcast is riddled with culinary catastrophes-from the Chesapeake Crabcakes right down to the Ice-Capped Gingersnaps. But the deadliest dish of all comes after the camera go off, when an unexplainable. Skiing accident claims Doug Portman's life-and Goldy is the one who finds his crumpled body on the slopes. Even more shocking is what police find tucked away in Doug's BMW: a greeting card with a potentially deadly chemical inside.

    As the police try to determine if Doug's accident was really foul play, Goldy does a little investigation of her own-but finds more questions than answers. Was Doug, chairman of the state Parole Board, accepting bribes from potential parolees? Was he connected to the ex-con who's been telling Killdeer skiers that he's planning to poison a cop? And how did Goldy and Tom get mixed up in this mess?

    When a series of suspicious mishaps places Goldy's own life in jeopardy, she knows she must whip up her own crime-solving recipe, and fast-befroe a hearty dose of intrigue and a deadly dash of danger ends her cooking career once and for all--

    Reader Reviews
    Goldy's on PBS live, August 26, 2003 Reviewer: Karen Sampson Hudson from Reno, NV United States In the ninth of her Goldy Bear Schulz culinary mystery series, Davidson serves up a delicious concotion of murder, Colorado skiing, marvelous recipes (don't neglect to try them!) and plucky detective work on the part of her main character, caterer Goldy. She's appearing on a PBS cooking show, broadcast from high in the Rockies, which doesn't always go well. Someone wants her dead, as she discovers when her van is forced off the road. A wealthy man she has dated briefly is found dead on a ski run. Fueled by expresso coffee, comforted and nourished by chocolate cookies, Goldy gets to the heart of the matter. This winter's tale is best read next to a glowing fireplace with a tray of her chocolate cookies at hand! Recommended.

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