Amateur Sleuth

They may not have training to back up their sleuthing, but these amateurs have the brains and follow-through to solve the crime.

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Braun, Lilian Jackson (39)

Lilian Jackson Braun's Cat Who... series has sparked a whole new subgenre for those who like a little feline intervention in their mysteries.

Brown, Rita Mae (31)

Along with co-author Sneaky-Pie Brown, Rita Mae Brown has penned her way into the hearts and onto the bookshelves of her many loyal readers of her Mrs. Murphy mysteries.

Coben, Harlan (9)

Harlan Coben is the award-winning author of the sports agent Myron Bolitar mysteries, as well as other bestselling thrillers.

Davidson, Diane Mott (15)

Diane Mott Davidson is the author of the popular mysteries starring gourmet chef Goldy Bear.

Ford, G.M. (8)

Best known for his Leo Waterman series, G.M. Ford is at his best when writing mysteries filled with wry humor and the classic "antihero."

Fowler, Earlene (12)

Earlene Fowler is the award winning author of the Benny Harper mystery series.

Francis, Dick (39)

Although controversy surrounds the authorship of his mysteries, Dick Francis is a staple for horse fans.

Gilman, Dorothy (20)

Dorothy Gilman has brought the world to her readers through her novels featuring unlikely spy Mrs. Pollifax.

Hart, Carolyn (30)

Carolyn Hart's Death on Demand mysteries have won her numerous awards and critical success.

Hoch, Edward D. (9)

Edward Hoch is one of most prolific and best known short mystery writers today.

Wittig Albert, Susan (13)

Susan Wittig Albert's mystery series featuring attorney-turned-herbalist China Bayles created a whole new subgenre and a loyal following amongst her fans.



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