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Mystery features over 100 top mystery authors, organized by genre, and sorted by popularity, book reviews, or alphabet. Browse and buy online new and used books from best-selling and classic mystery authors. Mystery books are available for sale through our affiliation with UK and Canada visitors please click the More Info link for each book to find links to buy.

Best-Selling & Authors

Classic Mystery Authors

It is the truly great author whose mysteries are read generation after generation, influencing the writing of future mystery authors.

Best-Selling and Top Authors

The greatest measure of an author's talent comes when multitudes of readers buy their work.

Mystery Sub-Genres

Amateur Sleuth

They may not have training to back up their sleuthing, but these amateurs have the brains and follow-through to solve the crime.

Police and Professionals

More than a calling, these investigations are their livelihoods.

Female PI

These women take on the hard-boiled profession and make it their own.

Private Investigators

Need something investigated? Hire yourself one of these fictional private eyes.


No fairy tales here--only the cold, hard truth serves these down-and-dirty sleuths.

Suspense and Thrillers

Hang on for the excitement-- the suspense is bound to kill you.

Historical Mysteries

Crime has existed from the dawn of time and these investigations take us back to the not-so-good ol' days.

True Crime

Real criminals and the investigators who bring them to justice.

Legal Thrillers

Who-done-its from the legal point of view-- sometimes the only way to save yourself is to find the real criminal.

More Mystery Sub-Genres

In the world of mystery fiction, there's something for everyone.

Kids Mystery Bookstore

Everyone loves a good mystery--especially kids. They are a favorite of teachers and an ideal way to teach critical thinking, problem solving, writing, and literature.

Mystery & Thriller Audio Books

Download top mystery, suspense and true crime audiobooks to your iPod or MP3 player from

- Featured Mystery AudioBooks from leading mystery authors like Agatha Christie, James Patterson and Tom Clancy.

- Browse over 750 Mystery & Thriller AudioBooks for download from over 500 authors at

Book Clubs - Book of the Month Clubs

Mystery Guild Book Club: Get 6 books for 99 cents when you join the Mystery Guild Book Club.

Mystery DVDs

Can't get enough mystery and suspense? View a huge selection of DVDs sure to keep you on the edge of your seat! Find the latest DVD Movies and Television Shows at

- Featured Mystery DVD hits include Alfred Hitchcock classics, CSI:Miami on DVD and 24:Season 3 on DVD.

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